Welcome to BPSC Canada

Traditional Scouting refers to using the original programme and principles set down in “Scouting for Boys”, by Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting movement around the world.

Lord Baden-Powell envisioned a programme for youth that concentrated on building services and programmes to excite and lead youth on their life journey. His vision had leaders leading and encouraging youth, building their confidence and allowing them to share in that leadership through a patrol and Court of Honour system. BP’s vision started with Explorer age boys with a strong focus on the outdoors. He centred the programme on his book, “Scouting for Boys”. When the interest of younger boys became so strong it could not be ignored, BP added a programme for the Timber Wolf age boys and centred the programme on “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard
Kipling. Today BPSC offers a programme for boys and

  girls from age 5-7 (Otters), 8-10 (Timber Wolves), 11-14 (Explorers), 14-17 (Sr. Explorers) and 18+ (Rovers). For further information on these programmes click on the link above.

Today BPSC offers the same programme envisioned by Baden-Powell. Some requirements have been adjusted to meet changes in technology and the world today, but the basic principles, standards and ideals are maintained as BP established them. We still proudly wear the uniform made popular by BP, including the Stetson.

We are a completely volunteer operated organization. The Executive Council reports to the Provincial Council, which consists of all of our registered Scouters. All Scouters have an equal vote in all matters.

The Traditional Explorers Association, Council of Ontario Inc. operates as BPSC Ontario (until 2006 we were known as BPSA Ontario) and is affiliated with the Baden Powell Scout Association in the United Kingdom. Today we are a part of BPSC Canada, which has Groups in four provinces and is Canada’s largest Traditional Scouting organization.

We welcome anyone interested in Traditional Scouting to join with us in “Making Memories” for our youth members. For further information, contact our Commissioner at